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Dear Potential Member,


Thank you for your interest in the Stampe Club. .

We currently have 60+ members of the Club, predominantly in Europe, with a growing number of members from the US, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. With a rather specialist aircraft our intent is to link things “Stampe” through a network of interested parties. And I use the term “Network” on purpose – the idea being that we can direct each other to people who may be able to help through their own experiences. We will act as a central point for coordination of more formal matters with the CAA or LAA as appropriate, as evidenced by the relaxation of CAA rules allowing the Stampe to operate on a Permit.


As you have discovered, the ability of the internet to act as a conduit for communication makes linking up around the world an easy process. As such, we have been building a library of Stampe information in a (Members only) Library on the website. And the Forum, though now relatively new, is destined to be a rich source of experience avaialble to members.


Please contact me at the email address above for further membership information.


I look forward to meeting you in due course and hope we can meet your expectations as a Club.


Angus Buchanan